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Serving with Honor, Integrity, and Professionalism

Unmatched Personnel

VetK9 Security stands apart with our rigorous screening process for security personnel. Our comprehensive pre-employment background investigation exceeds police department standards.

Choose VetK9 Security for unrivaled protection and peace of mind.

Dedicated Support

our supervisors are available 12 hours a day, 365 days a year for your convenience. Regular spot checks are conducted to prevent complacency. We believe that maintaining close relationships with our personnel, both on and off duty, is crucial to upholding the highest quality of service we stand for.

Proactive Strategy

At VetK9 Security, we revolutionize the contract security industry with our unique approach. While competitors often rely on minimally screened and trained guards, we believe in a proactive theory. Our well-groomed, highly trained, and uniformed security guards form the core of our strategy. With a multi-step approach, we effectively mitigate the risks of property theft and personal injury within your facility. Experience unparalleled protection with VetK9 Security.

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How we can help you

Security Services

Specialized Detection and Apprehension

We specialize in expert detection and swift apprehension services, including conducting tracks, searches, narcotics detection, missing person location, and explosives detection

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Security Patrols

VetK9 utilizes a range of vehicles from bicycles to quads, and upcoming drone and helicopter patrols for unbeatable protection

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Security Consulting and Protection Services

From international travel to on-site operations, our consultants offer expert guidance and conduct comprehensive reviews of security procedures and equipment for enhanced protection.

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Property Safety and Security Assessments

Comprehensive assessments for peace of mind. Our team conducts thorough property tours, reviews incident reports, and prepares meticulous safety manuals to safeguard your premises and prevent potential risks.

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Employee Safety and Security Training

Our specialized training programs equip your management and staff with the skills and knowledge to maintain a secure environment, both within and beyond the workplace.

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Specific Sector Security Services

We provide dedicated services for healthcare facilities, residential complexes, corporate buildings, retail venues, parking lots, and more. Count on us for industry-specific expertise and top-notch protection.

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We Value our Security Professionals

At VetK9 Security, we prioritize excellence by valuing our security professionals. By compensating them based on qualifications, we attract and retain the industry's best talent. To maintain their well-being, we reduce profit margins rather than compromise on salaries. This approach ensures a highly motivated team committed to delivering exceptional services. Our competitive pricing reflects this commitment, allowing us to provide top-notch security solutions without compromising quality. Trust VetK9 Security for unparalleled expertise and value.

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The best of the best

Only a select few meet our rigorous qualifications, which are on par with the United States Government Secret Clearance Program

What our clients are saying


"VetK9 Security provided top-notch security services for our residential complex. Their vigilant team ensured the safety of our residents, giving us peace of mind."

Sarah Johnson

Property Manager

"As a retail store owner, I rely on VetK9 Security to protect my business from theft. Their expertise and proactive approach have significantly reduced losses and provided a secure shopping environment."

David Miller

Retail Store Owner

"VetK9 Security's team provided exceptional security consulting services for our corporate building. Their meticulous review of our procedures and equipment enhanced our security measures, ensuring a safe workplace."

Michael Adams

CEO, SummitTech Solutions

"VetK9 Security delivered outstanding security services for our healthcare facility. Their highly trained staff provided a safe environment, earning our trust and allowing us to focus on patient care."

Jennifer Davis

Hospital Administrator
Why Choose us

Community-Oriented Approach to Security

VetK9 trains its guards to act as a criminal deterrent using the principles of the community police officer program (C.P.O.P). Guards are encouraged to be approachable sources of information, fostering a sense of community and safety.

Security personnel undergo a rigorous screening process, including psychological assessments, aptitude tests, and extensive training in criminal law and police defensive tactics. They are not only well-groomed and exceptionally trained but also encouraged to be approachable sources of information. By actively engaging with patrons, residents, and employees, they foster a sense of community, safety, and trust, while also acting as a deterrent to criminal activities.

  • Approachable and Informative

    Security guards are encouraged to be approachable and serve as a valuable source of information for patrons, residents, and employees.

  • Verbal Judo and Deescalation

    Our personnel emphasize the use of verbal deescalation techniques and communication skills to resolve conflicts and volatile situations.

  • Sense of Community and Safety

    By fostering a sense of community and safety within the environment they protect, VetK9 security guards create trust, a positive atmosphere, and reduce the fear of crime.