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How we can help you

Security Services

Specialized Detection and Apprehension

We specialize in expert detection and swift apprehension services, including conducting tracks, searches, narcotics detection, missing person location, and explosives detection

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Security Patrols

VetK9 utilizes a range of vehicles from bicycles to quads, and upcoming drone and helicopter patrols for unbeatable protection

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Security Consulting and Protection Services

From international travel to on-site operations, our consultants offer expert guidance and conduct comprehensive reviews of security procedures and equipment for enhanced protection.

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Property Safety and Security Assessments

Comprehensive assessments for peace of mind. Our team conducts thorough property tours, reviews incident reports, and prepares meticulous safety manuals to safeguard your premises and prevent potential risks.

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Employee Safety and Security Training

Our specialized training programs equip your management and staff with the skills and knowledge to maintain a secure environment, both within and beyond the workplace.

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Specific Sector Security Services

We provide dedicated services for healthcare facilities, residential complexes, corporate buildings, retail venues, parking lots, and more. Count on us for industry-specific expertise and top-notch protection.

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